On February 16, 2020, VMOS launched 1.0.53 officially, The biggest difference between 1.0.52 is 1.0.53 need an unlocker, you must to install the unlocker apk on your real phone, And vmos didn’t claim why the lastest vmos version need install another apk.

vmos unlocker

What is vmos unlocker

in my option, maybe vmos is augmenting the data connection on vmos app and our real phone because in the lastest version vmos has more an more advertisement, No matter you use root or start vmos app even it still on loading you will be forced to watch their video ads, maybe the unlocker app is just for ads data.

I don’t mean the app has ads is wrong, but you need to focus on your basically user experience first.

If we didn’t install unlocker, what will happen?

As we said, if you use vmos 1.0.53, you will be asked to install vmos unlocker on your real phone or you will see this on your vmos app.

And you can’t close it except you install the unlocker apk.

vmos unlocker

Vmos unlocker apk

Of course, the unlocker apk is just for the international version on vmos official site, you can download apk from there, We will give a backup link in case it gone.

vmos unlocker apk download link: vmos unlocker

7z file password is: androidvmos.com

At last, if you don’t want to install vmos unlocker, I suggest you install 1.0.52 or Choose The Chinese version, For now, they are clean.