Many years ago, there is no Android emulator on pc, we can run Android app with IDE, But just for test. Now we have Android Studio 3.x, We have x86 Android rom official, We have nox player, BlueStacks, etc.

Last year, we have vmos, The best virtual machine on Android which run Android 5.1. Now we can think dose vmos can run on pc or run on anther emulator?

So I use my Lenovo yoga test it, The hardware info:

  • CPU: Intel i5 8250U
  • Memory: 8G – DDR4 – 2400
  • Disk: Nvme SSD 512G
  • System: Windows pro-1709

First I install Nox player on my laptop, Then we install Vmos apk on nox.

No matter vmos Chinese or Vmos inter it’s can be installed with no limitation.

But when I run them it always shows this information, This is for the Chinese version.


And This is for vmos inter.

vmos on pc

This notification means VMOS does not support running on an emulator or x86 device, It seems that VMOS has limited it officially, But it means maybe vmos can support x86 devices someday at the same time, just not now.

Another way to try vmos on pc is you can use VM VirtualBox to install an Android ROM like bliss rom first, Then install vmos apk on bliss rom, If you get there please let me know.