VMOS Chinese version updates more frequency than the google play version, and it has root permission default. Now it’s on 1.2. There are many features in this version. The best thing is compatible with Android 11. You can see all the update content from here.

Chinese VMOS Pro 1.2

update content:

1. Geek version, Google version ROM update (compatible with Android 11);

2. Add the virtual machine portrait mode switch (closed will automatically follow the real machine rotation);

3. The streamlined version of ROM can be dynamically closed Xposed framework and Google services;

4. Add a new floating ball menu style;

5. Add a reset virtual machine function;

6. Add a repair unable to start function;

7. Google framework update;

8. Set menu integration;

9. Optimize import ROM ;

10. optimization and more open;

11. some models to optimize the startup speed;

12. to address the loss of the virtual machine shortcut to view the updated issues;

13. 10 Andrews Huawei repair some models open 7.1 Lite 32 black screen problem;

14. repair When the virtual machine is in full screen, the floating window problem is always called;

15. Solve the automatic shutdown problem caused by abnormal battery power of some mobile phones;

16. Solve the abnormal display of the floating window;

17. Fix the problem of dragging the floating window;

18. Fix the horizontal screen floating ball is not hidden;

19. Solve the problem of unavailability for mobile users in Chongqing area.

You can download Chinese VMOS Pro 1.2 from here: VMOS Chinese Pro verison