The best feature of vmos is you can use root as you want, in 2019 I post an easy way to get root access in vmos, see it in  VMOS Pokemon go spoofing & hack without root, but in 2020, The way was not working anymore because the developer of vmos canceled the complete ROM in google play store.

Why? I guess it has matter of play store policy.

root vmos

Vmos root

So how do we get vmos root in 2020, The most important thing is the VMOS apk, you can’t download it from google play store anymore. The apk in play store is the lite version, if you didn’t need root permission, use the lite version.

You can use VMOS apk 1.0.53, download it from the official site, you can get root access in settings. Just need a few steps you can get root.

Download vmos apk link: vmos apk 1.0.53 with root

Backuplink: vmos apk with root


Here is the latest apk for international, it has root permission inside, you just need to open it, but vmos will ask you to watch a video first, you will know what happened,after that you can use vfin and superuser or you can get Pokemon go spoofing(See it here).

Root with Chinese version

Another way to get root is to use Chinese version, it set the root access as default you can find it in this post, it has all the vmos apk.

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At last here is the video for how to root vmos step by step!