Today I’m going to show you how to use VMOS to get Pokemon go spoofing on your Android device, this works an android 9 and up I’m pretty sure it works on Android 8, and Now it supports Android 10!

Pokemon go spoofing

As well just have to see if you’re on that kind of device otherwise or other things for you the best part is that you don’t need to root your device it’s a hundred percent safe.

Why we need Pokemon go spoofing

This will help people in the program and go community can get spoofing and the more people who are less fortunate to go outside or have any kind of condition who still want to play of course they can do that by the joystick in this tutorial.

I do this less than three minutes it depending on the phone, I have seen people with a little bit looser phones and I have a quite new device is something a seventy obviously.

It’s going to work on my phone because I’ve tried this I’m using it obviously I cannot go outside that much because of private reasons.
If you have any friends who are less fortunate and you know that they’re a Pokemon fan please do refer them to this tutorial or just help them install it.

I made this step-by-step guide myself I do have I did take information from other sources as well so it’s not all made by me obviously I’m not this smart but I have put this step-by-step together there are other places that do explain how to use VMOS with this but I think this one is way more clear.

Step 1 – Setup on your real phone

In your real phone, you need to disable the Locations Services to do that follow this steps ( not always the same on all phones )

Go to settings
Select Device & Privacy / Password & security/Privacy
Disable Location Access / Location Service

Pokemon GO spoofing

Step 2 – Download apps on VMOS

Get these apps and don’t install them on VMOS now, just get ready for the next step.

Lucky Pather
ES File Explorer or Solidexploer
VFIN 1.0.1
GPS Joystick App Ninja – Fake GPS location
Pokemon GO – Of course, you need this app, hahaha

Step 3 – Get root permission on VMOS

First, you need to get root permission on VMOS, you can visit How to root VMOS,get root in 30 seconds.

Deactivate Find My Device on VMOS

  1. Go to VMOS settings
  2. Select System Settings -> Security – Device Administrators – Find My Device
  3. Deactivate Find My Device

Pokemon GO spoofing

Setting Location Accuracy

  1. Go to VMOS settings
  2. System Settings -> Location
  3. Select MODE menu
  4. Set to HIGH Accuracy

Pokemon GO spoofing

Step 4 – install APPS for Pokemon GO spoofing

1. Install GPS Joystick and Lucky Pather and give them root permission.

Set GPS Joystick as a system app, just search for GPS JoyStick in the applications list then Click on in and select MOVE TO /system/app.

You can use es file explorer or any other file manager with root acess, find data -app – joystick folder the move to /system/app, ingore the problem message.

2. Then reboot VMOS app.

3. Install ES File Explorer

Give ES File Explorer ROOT access first. Go to ES File Explorer settings and enable ROOT Explorer.
Go to /system and delete xbin folder
Uninstall Lucky Pather (Just Prevent Pokemon Go detecting this file)

4. Install VFIN

After VFIN installed open it and select KILL PROCESS (hit it twice) and BYPASS POKEMON GO

5. Run GPS JoyStick and set up your location to anywhere you like. About how to us gps joystick visit

6. Run Pokemon GO, and you can spoofing Now.