VMOS is an APP software based on Virtual Machine (VM). The VMOS system can activate root by one-click. VMOS apk can be installed in the form of a normal APP to Linux or Android system through VM technology. It’s an emulator and also a one-click App cloner.

VMOS apk download

It’s made by a Chinese company, So actually, VMOS has two versions in main, one is for China users, anther is for Google Play Store user, about why you can see it here: Why VMOS has two versions

VMOS Chinese Version

vmos china version has set root as default, this is the main difference between Play Store version, and there are some apps preinstalled like fake GPS, So if you want to get these features, you can download china version.

VMOS apk v1.1.17 (latest)

This version can do an Incremental update, So it will save huge time for update VMOS ROM.

Lastest version: VMOS APP Download


This version adds a guide for the first time launcher, it very good for newbies.

vmos app download


vmos app download


vmos app download

VMOS Google Play Store Version

VMOS apk v1.0.27

1. Vmos no longer takes the initiative to get, added the acquisition method in the settings instead.
2. Added the full-screen scroll-out function
3. Delete the daemon SU file in the xbin directory (resolve the root environment is not clean while root is OFF)
4. Added Arabic
5. Added Spanish

Download VMOS From Google Play

The international version apk Download: VMOS 1.0.53


Download vmos pro here: VMOS PRO APK

VMOS Pro, The best vmos version ever!