VMOS is an APP software based on Virtual Machine (VM) technology, It can be installed as a normal APP on the Android system which means you can run another complete Android system through it, The latest version for international is 1.0.61.

vmos 1.0.61

In this post I intruduce how to root vmos with vmos 1.0.53, Now it’s vmos 1.0.61. This version with camera inside, So you can use any app which needs camera accsess, you can use them in vmos like your real phone.

vmos 1.0.61 apk download

You can download on vmos official site: vmos 1.0.61

Backup link for vmos 1.0.61: wait for upload

Of Course, this version still needs vmos unlocker, you can find it in vmos unlocker, vmos unlocker apk download.

root vmos in 1.0.61: vmos root, best way to root VMOS in 2020

Vmos Chinese latest version is 1.2.28 is out, you can use this version for root easily.