Pokémon Go, a game that relies on players venturing out and about to catch critters and spin Pokéstops, has announced some changes in the wake of the new coronavirus.

For those of us who are still looking for ways to retain normalcy and stay distracted, there’s good news in the form of Pokémon Go which announced Friday it’s making critical changes that will allow fans to keep playing, despite the growing pandemic.

The safety of our global player community is our top priority. COVID-19 is challenging us and the world to adjust. We’re putting our focus on expanding features and experiences in our games that can be enjoyed in an individual setting and that also encourage exploration!  – Twitter of Niantic, Inc.


According to Niantic, these changes are effective immediately and will be instituted “until further notice.” While we may not be able to actually go out and explore the wide world, at least we can still find a way to inject some cuteness (and let’s be honest, stress relieving measures) into our lives. It’s the little things.

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