VMOS is an APP from China, Chinese version updates more frequency than the google play version, and it has root permission default which now is vmos lite with no root permanently.

But you can use vmos directly with VMOS Chinese version, The lastest vmos version is 1.2.28.


VMOS Chinese latest Version

Chinese lastest version apk download

All the app has there official site, So the best and the safest way to get VMOS Chinese apk is this.

You can find vmos apk download link from here: VMOS China

Of course, you can download apk directly: VMOS Chinese version apk, the latest version is 1.1.28 , almost 273M, and the google play version vmos lite is

Backup link for vmos 1.2.28: vmos 1.2.28

You can download other VMOS version form here: VMOS apk, VMOS apk download

About difference between vmos Chinese and vmos lite you can visit: VMOS Chinese version, use vmos with root default