Vfin is an app that lets you use a joystick to play Pokémon GO and spoof your GPS location in VMOS ROM, And it’s just used in VMOS, not for your real phone.


vfin vmos pokemon go

The only way to use vfin is to play Pokémon Go with a joystick, you can use vfin by pokemon go bypass.

So first you should download VMOS, you can see all the vmos version here:

VMOS apk, VMOS apk download, all app versions

Then you need to get root for VMOS, install joystick and fake GPS app, you can see the details here:

VMOS Pokemon go spoofing & hack without root 2020

vmos vfin 1.0.4

Actually, there is no vfin 1.0.4 for now, the developer did not release it, all the site who said they have vfin 1.0.4 is lying, don’t believe that.

vfin vmos download

For now, you can download vfin 1.0.1, it’s may working on the old VMOS and pokemon go, but now we need to wait for the developer to release the official vfin apk, but maybe it will be a long time.

vfin apk download

A few words from Reddit by TastyBananaPeppers, visit here vfin update

The VFIN app developer spoke with me a few days ago and wants me to either remove his product “VFIN app” from my guide or keep it in the VMOS setup guide and add his “SafetyNet Patch”. Everytime I say “he”, I am referring to the VFIN app developer.

I think this is why he pulled the VFIN app from VMOS. There are also some disagreement between VFIN app developer and VMOS developers. Based on his written tutorial it sounds like he has cut ties with VMOS.

He has a SafetyNet Patch tutorial for VMOS but his instructions are not clear. He assumes you will know exactly what to do when you follow his tutorial. I can assure you that his tutorial is not easy because it lacks step-by-step instructions and requires trial and error.

As of right now, I am working on the instructions for the SafetyNet Patch for VMOS. He doesn’t give too much information about this patch. I think it’s a fix for devices that cannot log into the game after using VFIN or I could be wrong and does something else. This is something the VMOS app developers failed to include in their VMOS releases.