Google Play Store is one of the best apps on Android, but in many countries, it not be pre-installed, if you want to use play store you must install GMS first. You need root, twrp and unlock the bootloader, It’s a very complex thing.

In HUAWEI Mate30 series GMS is not pre-installed because of some reason, So is there is a way we can use GMS include Google Play Store?

How to use play store in VMOS

How to use play store in VMOS

Imagine this, if we can run a virtual system on Android like VMWARE on Windows, We can do anything in this virtual system in theory. So we got VMOS, a virtual machine on Android with root access.

So first, you should install VMOS app like a usual app, then VMOS will install an Android System, you can visit this post to know how to use VMOS.

VMOS has pre-installed GMS, So actually, you just open VMOS and install Google Play Store app, it’s will work.

But if your VMOS version didn’t pre-install GMS, you can use Google installer on Launcher

How to use play store in VMOS

You can download Play Store APK on

Google Service installer: Install GMS

Device Specifications Suggest for VMOS

If you want to run VMOS smoothly, System requirements will be at least like this:

  • Android OS Version: Android 5.1 +
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820+ series or equal
  • Device Left Storage: 4G or more
  • Device memory: 3G

Actually, Device Specifications will decide how VMOS running, better hardware will get a better experience. You will get a very smooth experience, for HUAWEI MATE 30, it will totally work.


The best way to use Goole Play Store is VMOS, For a device without root VMOS it will be the easiest way, just install VMOS and Play Store apk, it will work for most of Android devices. If you get any problem, left a comment.